Blue Spheres Encounter

Blue Spheres Encounter

I’m fuzzy regarding the exact year (I think it was in November of 2009), I had an encounter with my husband present. Although he knew I never lied or made things up, I know a part of him struggled when I would tell him about my experiences. However, after our experience together, he understood that everything I had shared with him was real.

He and I had been watching a movie or playing a game late one night and we went to grab a snack. We headed downstairs and into the kitchen. You could see the family room from where we stood in the kitchen, and in the family room there were multiple, blue, glowing orbs floating in the air. They each moved independently of one another but they remained together in a group. I asked my husband, “Are you seeing this?”

blue sphere
Drawing depicting a blue sphere with energy swirling around within it.

  He said yes and asked me what it was. I told him I didn’t know. We stood and watched the orbs, which were approximately the size of a softball, for at least fifteen seconds. Then the orbs shot off to the left (our right) behind a wall where we couldn’t see them. Then I felt energy running through my body. I asked my husband to look at me and he did, and I said, “No, look at my back and tell me what you see.”

  When he looked at my back, he was astonished. He told me that my hair, shirt, and sweatpants all looked like they were being pulled away from my body. I told him to stand behind me, put his arms around me, and to pull me as close to him as he could. He did and he said that he felt an energy being pushed right through the front of my body to the back, then felt a force (he describes as a magnetic force) pushing against him. Then we both felt something slip from between us and move away to our left. I perceive that experience as a gift to me so that my husband would know, with complete certainty, that my experiences are real.

  The orbs returned several times after that initial incident and, during three of those visits, I felt the same energy being run from the base of my spine to the crown of my head.

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