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Waking Up Paralyzed

Waking Up Paralyzed

My first experience with what is referred to as sleep paralysis happened when I was nineteen. I was at home, sleeping alone in my room, when I awoke in the middle of the night, paralyzed, and saw something standing next to my bed. I do not remember what it looked like.

My second experience happened about five months later, when I was twenty, while sleeping on a living room sofa at a friend’s house. Again, it was during the middle of the night and I was paralyzed. That time, I saw something right on top of me, as if it were sitting on my chest. It was very thin, maybe three feet tall at the most if it had been standing, and was a grayish flesh-tone.

I didn’t have any more experiences until late 2000 or early 2001, then it happened again. I only caught a glimpse of the beings standing next to my bed and they sort of looked like a very short, thin, old lady dressed in black with a tall, muscular man standing behind her. I started avoiding going to bed at night, staying awake as long as I could. By 2008, I was staying awake until five in the morning.

The beings continued to show up in the middle of the night from that point on. Sometimes only once a year, sometimes more often. As the years progressed, I started to see them more clearly.

The shorter of the two always stood the closest to me. It had a round head, large, dark, round eyes, almost white skin, no hair, a very small mouth, and appeared to be wearing a white garment. It stood around three feet, six inches tall. Off to its right, I saw the bottom half of what looked like a man wearing black camo pants, a black belt, and dark top. I never saw the human(oid) above the waist.

pale being next to bed
A drawing of what I’ve seen standing next to my bed around 3 AM.

In 2018, I started to notice a pattern. On the nights when they would visit, I would become extremely groggy, as if I’d been drugged, within ten or fifteen minutes before three in the morning. If I laid down and fell asleep, I would awaken to see the pale, white being right in front of me, only inches away, and the other person/being standing off to its right, about four feet away from me. I would be completely terrified in my paralyzed state and I knew I needed to try to remain calm in order to observe. One night, I managed to push the fear aside and start questioning the shorter being, telepathically, about what it wanted and where it was from. I was only able to get those two questions out before it disappeared. I didn’t receive any answers and I haven’t been visited since.

These days, I normally don’t go to bed until the sun comes up. A few times a month, I have nights when I don’t sleep at all.

Is it Real, or is it Technology?

Is it Real, or is it Technology?

I feel as if I have been experiencing two different realities simultaneously my entire life. One reality which is concrete and rooted in the material world, the other which is very abstract and bordering on incomprehensible.

I have gone years without any encounters or paranormal activity, only receiving messages every now and then to keep me safe. It has been suggested that it is my higher-self that I’ve been hearing, but I know the difference between my ‘voice’ and this other voice. I know the difference between my own, internal dialogue and this other being with a male voice who I’ve interacted with throughout my life during times of danger, great change, or emotional turmoil.

Since February of 2017, not a day has gone by without my questioning who I have been interacting with all these years. There are days when I believe it’s not a being or person from some other dimension or place in the universe. Sometimes I feel like it is a human from right here on Earth somehow tapping into my thoughts.

During my research, I discovered information regarding the Voice of God technology. It was utilized during the war with Iraq and may have been used on common citizens to cause them to carry out terrible crimes. The Pentagon even admits to working on these types of technologies. Some individuals even claim they are being targeted and harassed by a technology that generates intrusive thoughts. Many think these individuals are delusional but our government is no stranger to covert operations. The first successful transmission of a voice directly into the head of an individual happened in 1974. It was performed by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Reseach.

Have I been part of some type of experiment my entire life? If so, then our government not only has the ability to transmit messages to targeted individuals, it also has the ability to read our minds. Have all of my silent wishes that have come true, all of my discussions with the voice I’ve known since childhood — has it all been part of something I’ve taken part in without my consent? The scientific reports call mind-reading a new technology but we all know the government has these technologies long before the public learns about their existence. Many horrifying experiments involving mind control have also taken place that were never supposed to be leaked to the public.

The fact that one of my uncles, who was previously in the Navy, did Top Secret work for the government for at least thirty years doesn’t bring me any comfort. Nor does the fact that I was born only an hour away from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. As a child, every time we would visit my aunt who lived in Dayton, Ohio, which was only 22 minutes from the base, an uncomfortable feeling would come over me when we were fifteen or twenty minutes away. The closer we got to my aunt’s house, the more discomfort I felt. I traveled a lot with my parents when I was a child but I never had that sensation during any of our other trips.

I also can’t trust the things I see. Holographic technologies date back to 1947 when scientists were working on the improvement of an electron microscope. Bell Labs, the Air Force, IBM, Nasa, General Electric… they have all been developing holographic technology. When two of my encounters were with blue beings, and numerous sightings I’ve had were of shadowy figures, I wonder if I am merely being shown things someone wants me to believe are real.

How can I believe anything I see, feel, or hear when I know these technologies are out there, and I know our government doesn’t ask permission to use these technologies on the general public? I know I have experiences and encounters that have seemed real, but what if it’s all been ‘magic’?

How can you know what’s real?

The Sun Child – Trilateral Insignia?

The Sun Child – Trilateral Insignia?

On November 16, 2017, an image of several drawings by different individuals was posted on the Earthfiles website and Facebook page depicting what people had seen while looking up at the bottom of a UFO.

chloe easterling dream
From Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles Site

When I saw the drawings, I let out a gasp and sat frozen in my seat. The drawings were like the ones I had done when trying to describe something I’d seen in a dream when I was nineteen years old. In the dream, I looked up to the sky and saw a round object that resembled a face with lines through it. I referred to it as the Sun Child and became very agitated and frightened. I looked at the person I was with in the dream and said something like, “We need to go! The Sun Child is after me!”

  I had told my husband about that dream a few times because it has always bothered me. Right after seeing it on the Earthfiles website, I woke him up to ask him if he remembered me telling him about the dream. He does remember when I told him about the Sun Child dream as well as other dreams and encounters I had as a child.

chloe easterling sun child
The object Chloe Easterling saw in a dream.
Blue Spheres Encounter

Blue Spheres Encounter

I’m fuzzy regarding the exact year (I think it was in November of 2009), I had an encounter with my husband present. Although he knew I never lied or made things up, I know a part of him struggled when I would tell him about my experiences. However, after our experience together, he understood that everything I had shared with him was real.

He and I had been watching a movie or playing a game late one night and we went to grab a snack. We headed downstairs and into the kitchen. You could see the family room from where we stood in the kitchen, and in the family room there were multiple, blue, glowing orbs floating in the air. They each moved independently of one another but they remained together in a group. I asked my husband, “Are you seeing this?”

blue sphere
Drawing depicting a blue sphere with energy swirling around within it.

  He said yes and asked me what it was. I told him I didn’t know. We stood and watched the orbs, which were approximately the size of a softball, for at least fifteen seconds. Then the orbs shot off to the left (our right) behind a wall where we couldn’t see them. Then I felt energy running through my body. I asked my husband to look at me and he did, and I said, “No, look at my back and tell me what you see.”

  When he looked at my back, he was astonished. He told me that my hair, shirt, and sweatpants all looked like they were being pulled away from my body. I told him to stand behind me, put his arms around me, and to pull me as close to him as he could. He did and he said that he felt an energy being pushed right through the front of my body to the back, then felt a force (he describes as a magnetic force) pushing against him. Then we both felt something slip from between us and move away to our left. I perceive that experience as a gift to me so that my husband would know, with complete certainty, that my experiences are real.

  The orbs returned several times after that initial incident and, during three of those visits, I felt the same energy being run from the base of my spine to the crown of my head.