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Dreams or other dimensions?

Dreams or other dimensions?

I never thought about it until a couple of years ago when my waking reality began to seem almost dream-like, and some of my dreams felt like my true reality. In those dreams, I was aware of all of my senses. I could feel the firmness of a chair against my back, smell the aroma of coffee as it drifted through an open cafe door, hear the fluttering of birds competing for a scrap of bread, and see everything in clear, vibrant colors. In contrast, my day-to-day life has been filled with muted colors, fragrances that seem lacking, a quietness that can be unsettling, and an emotional and physical dullness. Are these dreams I have actually portions of reality, albeit an alternate reality or another dimension, seeping into this altered state of consciousness I have entered?

I had such a dream yesterday. I was aboard a spacecraft, one that felt familiar as it reminded me of a craft I’ve been on before, having a conversation with a man. The man might have been my husband but I cannot remember what he looked like aside from his dark hair. I saw others aboard the craft, some who looked human and one Mantis being who walked by on the way to another part of the craft, and it all seemed perfectly normal. The conversation I was having went something like this:

The man: (he was talking about getting ready to return to Earth)

Me: Why are you going back there?
The man: I still have things I need to do.
Me: You don’t have to go back. There are other places you can go.
The man: I have things I need to finish.
Me: You really don’t need to return, there are lots of other places to choose from. I am not going back there.

After that, my cat decided to wake me up. If she hadn’t, I may not have remembered any of it.

I have told my husband many times over the years that I’m not returning to Earth again, and that I felt like I was only here this time in order to retrieve him. Other parts of our story seem to confirm that, like the spontaneous memories I had at age eighteen of an alternate lifetime with him, and how I was told to go visit his house after my first marriage ended that eventually led to our first date.

I am left wondering, every day, if this reality where I am sitting here writing this, is actually just a dream I’m having in some better, alternate reality where both my husband and I are healthy, happy, and traveling the world together.

Dream of a Planet Approaching Earth

Dream of a Planet Approaching Earth

I had a dream that I was standing outside looking at the sky and watching as a sphere or planet approached the Earth. The sphere was huge, maybe larger than Earth. When it reached Earth, it made contact, as if it were locking onto the planet. Then it began to push the Earth, accelerating faster and faster, towards the sun. At first I was afraid everyone would die, then I realized that we were being transported to another reality.

Even though we were being pushed toward the sun, it was daytime where I was standing. It’s as if the approaching sphere were emitting light like the sun so that the entire Earth was bathed in daylight.