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More Mischievous Beings

More Mischievous Beings

Several times last week I saw dark-colored beings in the house. They were various sizes ranging from only around three feet tall, to a little over six feet tall. They didn’t feel negative, nor did they feel familiar.

Today, I was alone in the house all afternoon. While looking out the patio door, there was a loud thud right above my head as if a heavy object had fallen on the roof. About thirty minutes later, the smoke detector in my son’s room started going off. It frightened me so I went to my room and stayed there for at least forty minutes before going to investigate. My son’s door and window had been closed this entire time and I hadn’t been cooking so there’s no way any smoke could have entered his room. I opened his door, fanned at the detector a few times, and it stopped.

About an hour later, I picked up my glasses. Around one of the arms of my glasses was a stitch-marker that I use for crochet. There is no way it could have gotten onto the arm of my glasses on its own, it had to have been placed there.

chloe easterling
Chloe Easterling – glasses with stitch marker