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UFOs – They run in the family

UFOs – They run in the family

My father mentioned a few times that he had seen a UFO. I don’t know any of the details surrounding his sighting. Although I thought it was interesting, I had never really been into UFOs or aliens so I didn’t seek out any details of his encounter.

In 2008 or 2009, my oldest daughter saw a UFO. We were living in Peoria, AZ, near Luke Air Force Base so she was used to seeing aircraft flying over our home. However, on this particular night, she saw something that frightened her so badly that she woke up her younger brother to come and sleep in her room so she wouldn’t be alone.

She saw something fly by in the distance and thought it was just an airplane. Then it flew by again. It continued to fly back and forth then, as if it knew she was watching, it began to fly right towards our house. As it started to fly over our home, she got a good look at it. She describes the craft as disc-shaped with a row of yellowish lights running all around it’s center. On the bottom of the craft, she saw three lights that, if connected, would form a triangle.

While living in the house in Peoria, AZ, my husband and I also saw a strange craft fly over our home. We had been in our backyard relaxing on a clear, quiet night and the children had been asleep for a few hours. We got up to head back into the house and, as we were nearing the covered portion of the patio, we both saw an object moving through the sky.

The craft was low to the ground, maybe fifty feet above our house, and it made a low-pitched humming noise that was only noticeable when it was practically just one house away from ours. It was grayish-black in color with maybe a hint of brown and had no lights. It was rectangular in shape and the sides of the craft had what appeared to be panels running vertically along the sides. It was traveling at a very slow rate of speed, perhaps only twenty-five MPH. It flew directly over our home, traveling from east to west.

Drawing of a craft that flew directly over our home.

In March of 2019, I was looking out of our bedroom window around five in the morning. I saw a bright light in the sky that I thought may have been Arcturus or Venus, but it looked unusually bright. I decided to grab my husband’s binoculars and take a closer look. Below is a drawing of what I saw in the eastern sky approximately an hour before sunrise.

Early morning UFO
UFO hiding in plain sight by lining up with a bright star or planet.

It was disc-shaped, but not exactly as drawn because my art materials are not currently available. It had what looked like windows running through the center from which was emitted an extremely bright, yellow-gold light. Light was also emitted from the top of the craft.

The Sun Child – Trilateral Insignia?

The Sun Child – Trilateral Insignia?

On November 16, 2017, an image of several drawings by different individuals was posted on the Earthfiles website and Facebook page depicting what people had seen while looking up at the bottom of a UFO.

chloe easterling dream
From Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles Site

When I saw the drawings, I let out a gasp and sat frozen in my seat. The drawings were like the ones I had done when trying to describe something I’d seen in a dream when I was nineteen years old. In the dream, I looked up to the sky and saw a round object that resembled a face with lines through it. I referred to it as the Sun Child and became very agitated and frightened. I looked at the person I was with in the dream and said something like, “We need to go! The Sun Child is after me!”

  I had told my husband about that dream a few times because it has always bothered me. Right after seeing it on the Earthfiles website, I woke him up to ask him if he remembered me telling him about the dream. He does remember when I told him about the Sun Child dream as well as other dreams and encounters I had as a child.

chloe easterling sun child
The object Chloe Easterling saw in a dream.