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An Initiation?

An Initiation?

I have felt subtle energies around me for the past two months. It seems there is work being done on my crown chakra.

I’m starting to understand the need for isolation. It seems to be an initiation of some kind. So is the burning away of all my beliefs. It’s the tearing down and burning away the old, all the things I may have still been holding onto, in order to become an empty vessel. It’s the clearing away of old structures so something new can be built.

This has been the most difficult spiritual experience I’ve even been through. There have been times when the emptiness was so great that I contemplated suicide. It seems those feelings and thoughts have subsided.

One morning while trying to fall asleep, I felt a fluttering inside my chest. I’ve felt that fluttering before during pivotal times in my life, so it is a rare yet familiar sensation. Along with the fluttering, I heard “the quickening” in my head.

After I woke up, I tried to find information on “the quickening” online but nothing I found really seemed to fit. Then I picked up the book that was lent to me by the Theosophical Society in Halcyon and opened it to a random page. Right there, on that random page I’d opened in the book, was the information about “the quickening” I had been seeking. That was validation.

Today while trying to sleep, I was shown two numbers: 36 and 13. When I looked up their significance I received further validation about my path and the upcoming changes in my life.

I must admit that I am somewhat afraid, but I must go where I’ve been directed and trust that all will work out as it should.