The Owl Connection

The Owl Connection

When I was seventeen, we moved to Marana, Arizona, a small town located approximately thirty minutes from Tucson. At that time, the town was still developing and most of the roads weren’t paved. One night, when I was (probably) nineteen years old, as I was arriving home late, I was startled by a face. It turned out to be a large, white owl which was sitting on the gate post of our driveway. It was as if it were waiting on my return. While it was only a little over two feet tall, I remember it seeming HUGE. I also remember an eerie feeling coming over me that left me a bit shaken for a while after the incident.

I never researched what types of owls were found in Arizona until 2017 or 2018. That’s when I did search after search online trying to find a two-foot tall, all-white owl native to Arizona. There are none. In fact, I was unable to find any large, white owls in North America that matched the description of the one I saw that night. However, it’s face was close to the one depicted in an owl painting, Fade to White, by Maria Cameron.

During that time in my life, I was practicing astral projection and had a growing interest in tarot, runes, and the chakra system.

The next owl sighting took place when I was in my thirties. We were living in California at the time in a small, coastal town. There was an owl sitting on the roof of the house across the street looking over at our house. My husband and I noticed it multiple times. It was a small, brown owl that resembled a species of great horned owls found throughout California.

During that period of my life, I was a practicing Reiki Master/Teacher and I was taking a psychic development class to help understand the entities who were waking me up at night. I was also a website developer and graphic designer.

The third owl incident happened in Peoria, Arizona in late 2006 through at least the beginning of 2007. We had moved into a house there so my daughters could be closer to their father, my first husband, and my husband could be closer to his two children. About six months after moving in, we noticed two, large, great horned owls sitting on a power poll near our home, we could see them perfectly from our back yard. Sometimes we would go out to enjoy our heated spa and they would fly over and perch on the pole as if to watch us. Other times, I would hear them from inside the house and walk outside to look at them. They were there every night for months, then they stopped showing up.

That house was very active, and I don’t just mean with your typical life or energy forms. There were shadow people, a ghost boy, “fairy” sparks… all kinds of things. One night when my husband and I were walking back into the house after relaxing outside, we even saw a UFO fly about 50 feet over our house.

During that time in my life, I was interacting with a group of women online. We talked about various spiritual, philosophical, and paranormal topics. Even though I considered myself just one of the group, many of them looked to me as their leader. I was only trying to facilitate spiritual growth and the opening of minds regarding what is possible. We focused on manifesting, healing, and creativity. It was really beautiful for about a year, then the group fell apart. However, I am still connected to a few of them to this day.

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