Vision of Fatal Car Accident – Beeline Highway

Vision of Fatal Car Accident – Beeline Highway

In 1998 or 1999, my ex-husband wanted to take our daughters, along with his third wife and her youngest daughter Jen, on a camping trip to Payson, Arizona. We were living near Glendale, Arizona at that time and the quickest route to Payson was *Arizona State Route 87, also known as Beeline Highway.

A day or two before the trip, I had a vision upon waking of my daughters riding in the backseat of my ex-husband’s car with Jen. I also saw my ex-husband and his wife in the front seats of the moving vehicle. The image panned out and I saw the car traveling down the two-lane highway.

Suddenly, the car jerked, then went off the right-hand side of the road before rolling at least twice, and I felt like there were multiple fatalities. I startled up in bed at that point, wide awake.

I phoned my ex-husband later that day to ask him if he planned on taking Beeline Highway all the way to Payson and back, he said he did. I told him what I had seen and begged him not to take that route. Because he knew that I was able to see future events, he listened and took I-17 instead, even though the drive added thirty minutes to their trip, both there and back.

On their return trip from Payson, both back tires of the car blew out. Because they were driving on a multi-lane highway with emergency lanes, my ex-husband was able to safely maneuver the vehicle onto the shoulder. He slowly drove the car to an area with a telephone where he stopped to call us. My husband and I drove in separate vehicles to pick everyone up and drive them home.

*Between 1989 and 2001, AZ State Route 87 underwent major renovations in a project to convert the entire highway to three or four lanes. The final segment, requiring the construction of four bridges, was completed in 2001. During the time of this event, a section of highway still existed which had no emergency lane and ran right along the rim of mountainous terrain. (See page 83 –

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