Waking Up Paralyzed

Waking Up Paralyzed

My first experience with what is referred to as sleep paralysis happened when I was nineteen. I was at home, sleeping alone in my room, when I awoke in the middle of the night, paralyzed, and saw something standing next to my bed. I do not remember what it looked like.

My second experience happened about five months later, when I was twenty, while sleeping on a living room sofa at a friend’s house. Again, it was during the middle of the night and I was paralyzed. That time, I saw something right on top of me, as if it were sitting on my chest. It was very thin, maybe three feet tall at the most if it had been standing, and was a grayish flesh-tone.

I didn’t have any more experiences until late 2000 or early 2001, then it happened again. I only caught a glimpse of the beings standing next to my bed and they sort of looked like a very short, thin, old lady dressed in black with a tall, muscular man standing behind her. I started avoiding going to bed at night, staying awake as long as I could. By 2008, I was staying awake until five in the morning.

The beings continued to show up in the middle of the night from that point on. Sometimes only once a year, sometimes more often. As the years progressed, I started to see them more clearly.

The shorter of the two always stood the closest to me. It had a round head, large, dark, round eyes, almost white skin, no hair, a very small mouth, and appeared to be wearing a white garment. It stood around three feet, six inches tall. Off to its right, I saw the bottom half of what looked like a man wearing black camo pants, a black belt, and dark top. I never saw the human(oid) above the waist.

pale being next to bed
A drawing of what I’ve seen standing next to my bed around 3 AM.

In 2018, I started to notice a pattern. On the nights when they would visit, I would become extremely groggy, as if I’d been drugged, within ten or fifteen minutes before three in the morning. If I laid down and fell asleep, I would awaken to see the pale, white being right in front of me, only inches away, and the other person/being standing off to its right, about four feet away from me. I would be completely terrified in my paralyzed state and I knew I needed to try to remain calm in order to observe. One night, I managed to push the fear aside and start questioning the shorter being, telepathically, about what it wanted and where it was from. I was only able to get those two questions out before it disappeared. I didn’t receive any answers and I haven’t been visited since.

These days, I normally don’t go to bed until the sun comes up. A few times a month, I have nights when I don’t sleep at all.

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