I have studied psychology, philosophy, theology, quantum and theoretical physics, EFT, paranormal phenomena, and psychic development. I have a diverse work-history that includes modeling, office manager, and freelance website reviewer and content writer. I have also owned and operated two of my own businesses, one as a website and graphic designer, the other as an energy worker and counselor. I had to relinquish both businesses in order to care for family members with serious health issues.

I am a published poet, a metaphysician, a Reiki Master-Teacher, and I have a diploma in both Naturopathy and social work.  I have experienced paranormal events since childhood and that is what led me, eventually, to quantum physics as I was searching for scientific explanations for my experiences.

In January 2017, I awoke to the reality of my lifetime of experiences. I was finally forced to face the truth. I have been interacting with non-human beings my entire life.

I have seen a therapist, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and had (at my own request) a full psychological assessment done by a neuropsychologist. I have not been found to be delusional or to suffer from any psychological illness or disorder other than PTSD. The psychiatrist I was seeing to help me deal with anxiety and help me process the reality of my experiences believes my experiences and encounters are real. I will gladly share my assessment if deemed necessary for an interview with a serious, well-established researcher.

I will be using this site to share my past experiences and to document ongoing experiences. I will also be using this space to share my thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics; life, reality, the universe, and the mysterious encounters with these other beings.