Is it Real, or is it Technology?

Is it Real, or is it Technology?

I feel as if I have been experiencing two different realities simultaneously my entire life. One reality which is concrete and rooted in the material world, the other which is very abstract and bordering on incomprehensible.

I have gone years without any encounters or paranormal activity, only receiving messages every now and then to keep me safe. It has been suggested that it is my higher-self that I’ve been hearing, but I know the difference between my ‘voice’ and this other voice. I know the difference between my own, internal dialogue and this other being with a male voice who I’ve interacted with throughout my life during times of danger, great change, or emotional turmoil.

Since February of 2017, not a day has gone by without my questioning who I have been interacting with all these years. There are days when I believe it’s not a being or person from some other dimension or place in the universe. Sometimes I feel like it is a human from right here on Earth somehow tapping into my thoughts.

During my research, I discovered information regarding the Voice of God technology. It was utilized during the war with Iraq and may have been used on common citizens to cause them to carry out terrible crimes. The Pentagon even admits to working on these types of technologies. Some individuals even claim they are being targeted and harassed by a technology that generates intrusive thoughts. Many think these individuals are delusional but our government is no stranger to covert operations. The first successful transmission of a voice directly into the head of an individual happened in 1974. It was performed by Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Reseach.

Have I been part of some type of experiment my entire life? If so, then our government not only has the ability to transmit messages to targeted individuals, it also has the ability to read our minds. Have all of my silent wishes that have come true, all of my discussions with the voice I’ve known since childhood — has it all been part of something I’ve taken part in without my consent? The scientific reports call mind-reading a new technology but we all know the government has these technologies long before the public learns about their existence. Many horrifying experiments involving mind control have also taken place that were never supposed to be leaked to the public.

The fact that one of my uncles, who was previously in the Navy, did Top Secret work for the government for at least thirty years doesn’t bring me any comfort. Nor does the fact that I was born only an hour away from the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. As a child, every time we would visit my aunt who lived in Dayton, Ohio, which was only 22 minutes from the base, an uncomfortable feeling would come over me when we were fifteen or twenty minutes away. The closer we got to my aunt’s house, the more discomfort I felt. I traveled a lot with my parents when I was a child but I never had that sensation during any of our other trips.

I also can’t trust the things I see. Holographic technologies date back to 1947 when scientists were working on the improvement of an electron microscope. Bell Labs, the Air Force, IBM, Nasa, General Electric… they have all been developing holographic technology. When two of my encounters were with blue beings, and numerous sightings I’ve had were of shadowy figures, I wonder if I am merely being shown things someone wants me to believe are real.

How can I believe anything I see, feel, or hear when I know these technologies are out there, and I know our government doesn’t ask permission to use these technologies on the general public? I know I have experiences and encounters that have seemed real, but what if it’s all been ‘magic’?

How can you know what’s real?

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