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The Sun Child – Trilateral Insignia?

The Sun Child – Trilateral Insignia?

On November 16, 2017, an image of several drawings by different individuals was posted on the Earthfiles website and Facebook page depicting what people had seen while looking up at the bottom of a UFO.

chloe easterling dream
From Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles Site

When I saw the drawings, I let out a gasp and sat frozen in my seat. The drawings were like the ones I had done when trying to describe something I’d seen in a dream when I was nineteen years old. In the dream, I looked up to the sky and saw a round object that resembled a face with lines through it. I referred to it as the Sun Child and became very agitated and frightened. I looked at the person I was with in the dream and said something like, “We need to go! The Sun Child is after me!”

  I had told my husband about that dream a few times because it has always bothered me. Right after seeing it on the Earthfiles website, I woke him up to ask him if he remembered me telling him about the dream. He does remember when I told him about the Sun Child dream as well as other dreams and encounters I had as a child.

chloe easterling sun child
The object Chloe Easterling saw in a dream.
Dream of a Planet Approaching Earth

Dream of a Planet Approaching Earth

I had a dream that I was standing outside looking at the sky and watching as a sphere or planet approached the Earth. The sphere was huge, maybe larger than Earth. When it reached Earth, it made contact, as if it were locking onto the planet. Then it began to push the Earth, accelerating faster and faster, towards the sun. At first I was afraid everyone would die, then I realized that we were being transported to another reality.

Even though we were being pushed toward the sun, it was daytime where I was standing. It’s as if the approaching sphere were emitting light like the sun so that the entire Earth was bathed in daylight.